Breed Information

Introduction To a Sunspur English Springer Spaniel puppy

Once you have made the educated, conscious decision to add a special little life, ‘a springer puppy’, into your family unit, you are about to experience a spectacular journey. First and foremost we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering a Sunspur English Springer Spaniel and we know that should you decide to purchase, your puppy will provide a lifetime of delight and loyal companionship. Accompanying your puppy’s certificate of pedigree and up- to- date veterinary record will be a brief description of the inherent traits, both general to the breed and more specifically, to the parents (genetic). This summary should  be viewed as merely an introduction and guide for further information. We suggest that you refer to other texts, some of which are listed at the end for your convenience. At this point we would strongly emphasize the crucial part that environment, training and socialization of your puppy plays in creating the future adult dog that both your family and society must then live with. As with any of the gundog breeds, the high intelligence of your puppy will need to be directed to prevent your puppy from becoming headstrong and willful. The ages 6 – 10 weeks and 6 – 10 months are particularly important periods in your puppy’s life, as this is a time when he/she will absorb and remember for the rest of his/her life any lessons experienced. It is VERY important during these two phases, that your puppy is not abused or severely frightened, as this could cause you some difficult training later on in life. Any assistance and future support will be happily given by those behind Sunspur, should you require it.
Historically the English Springer Spaniel is one of the most ancient of spaniels. Bred mainly to accompany their master on the hunt, they were used to flush pheasant, pigeon and many other game birds as well as to find and retrieve such small game animals as rabbits. The texture of their coat is lustrous and silky yet easy to keep clean. Today, Springers’ coats range in colour from black/white to liver/white and tri-colour. Your little friend would be liver and white. The defining characteristic of a new English Springer Spaniel companion is his/her marvellous ability to love his/her life and everyone within it, adults and children alike. Although this breed displays tolerance, however, it should be noted that excessive tormenting and teasing of any puppy should be quickly discouraged and avoided. The Springer is friendly, gentle, outgoing, alert, intelligent and inquisitive; always keen to please and keen to know exactly what is going within his/her environment at all times. The latter attribute, coupled with loyalty, makes for a particularly reliable watchdog. Once fully trained the Springer is quiet and obedient, happy to sit outside a shop observing things passing them by. One of the favourites of all time is when he/she spots you putting on those familiar walking shoes or coat and anticipates with tail merrily wagging the pending adventure. This breed is particularly fond of being taken for a ride in the car; happy to be with you, the one they love, as much as possible. The English Springer also makes a wonderful house companion displaying great dignity and reserve. All in all, your new puppy Springer will be a delightful and welcome addition to your family. Some good further reading about English Springers in particular, or dog care and training in general are:
"The New English Springer Spaniel"     Charles GOODALL and Julia GASOW
"How to raise and train an English Springer Spaniel"     Robert GANNON
"English Springer Spaniels"     Diane McCARTHY
"English Springer Spaniels"   Frank Warner HILL
"Gundogs for Field or Trial"   Roy BURNELL
"The Well Dog"     Terri McGINNIS
"The Breeding and Rearing of Dogs"   R H SMYTHE

There are also a number of good other books specifically on the English Springer available online through Amazon